Hack That!

From 2015, programming will go on pupils’ schedule in elementary school in Denmark. As part of my Medialogy studies, I and six group members created Hack That! – A puzzle game, taking the entertaining approach to teaching programming. The main theme for the semester was image processing. To meet this theme, an table with interactive display was constructed. Using OpenCV and C++ we implemented object detection and touch recognition.


LEGACY is a sci-fi themed short film, made as part of the A/V Production course in Medialogy. Me and my groups deep involvement in every aspect of creating the film scored it top grades at the oral exam. The film was created together with my group MTA14333 with me involved in creating VFX for the movie, Color Grade, Motion Track, Composite and Rotoscope. All done using Blender.

Social Circle: Helping Students Socializing


Social Circle was the name of a game aimed at inspiring more social interaction among new students. The requirements was to solve a problem under the theme “Social Responsibility” and should involve a physical interface. We (a seven people group) decided to research loneliness and wanted to help creating social interaction among students who just started at Aalborg University. Social Circle was born, a question-based social game which breaks the ice among its players and let them get to know each other a bit better. My main responsibility in the project was to delegate tasks and ensure everything was done in time. Furthermore I developed the virtual interface in Java/Processing and designed the interaction happening between the players and the screen. The game was successfully tested at the Student House and in the bar at the Aalborg Basis Campus.

Helping Children Cross the Road Through a Game


First semester of Medialogy had the theme “Traffic Safety for Children”. Together with six other students, I researched this theme and we found that the current games aimed at learning children how to cross the road didn’t learn them how to do so from their own perspective. So we designed a 3D game in which you cross the road, seen from the height of a child. In order to test if the game worked, a prototype was created by modding Valve’s Source Engine through Garry’s Mod. The game was thereafter tested on children at the main library of Aalborg.