LEGACY is a sci-fi themed short film, made as part of the A/V Production course in Medialogy. Me and my groups deep involvement in every aspect of creating the film scored it top grades at the oral exam. The film was created together with my group MTA14333 with me involved in creating VFX for the movie, Color Grade, Motion Track, Composite and Rotoscope. All done using Blender.

Art Cube Advertisement

Created for my portfolio in Animation and Graphics Design during the first semester of medialogy. The task at hand was to create a simple advertisement for the art cube. I decided to do this by creating a 3D render of the art cube and play with leading the eye and depth of field. The advertisement was created using Blender, GIMP and Scribus.

Maya Modeling Demo: “Wooden Bird”


This assignment was part of my exam portfolio in Animation and Graphics Design, while studying Medialogy. The objective was to model an airplane from scratch and create a 15 second long animation with it under the theme “desert race”.



The challenge in this project was to design a cheap place to live in an expensive area. This townhouse is designed to take up little space, but give the same qualities as the expensive alternative. At the same time, residents can make use of the surrounding environment and the status implied with living in a generally expensive area. Rendered using blender internal engine.

Holiday Home



Together with a classmate I created this house, intended to be built in Sjællands Odde, Denmark. The project spanned over 3 months where the majority of the time was spent designing and drawing the floor plan and sectional drawing. Technical drawings as well as a 360 degree rotation animation of the holiday house can be downloaded through the pictures above. The 3D graphics was created with Blender and the CAD drawings was drawn using AutoCAD 2013.