LEGACY is a sci-fi themed short film, made as part of the A/V Production course in Medialogy. Me and my groups deep involvement in every aspect of creating the film scored it top grades at the oral exam. The film was created together with my group MTA14333 with me involved in creating VFX for the movie, Color Grade, Motion Track, Composite and Rotoscope. All done using Blender.

GNOME 3.14 Release Video

This release video was done as part of the GNOME 3.14 release. Karen Sandler helped me do the voice over and assets to produce the animations were provided by the GNOME Design Team. Read more.

Discover GNOME’s Docs

I worked over a course of 2 months on a video which should create some more awareness of GNOME’s Documentation and what you get out of it if you read it. The video was released GNOME 3.12 and 3.14 with animations made in Blender and a voice-over done by Karen Sandler (thank you!).

GNOME 3.12 Release Video

This project aimed at introducing the GNOME 3.12 release through a video. With help from Karen Sandler (voice-over) and advice from the GNOME Engagement team I created what turned into the GNOME 3.12 release video. All animations was created utilizing the Blender Compositor and Video Sequencer.

Drama Film: Delusion

‘Delusion’ was the examn project I together with 2 others did in the subject ‘Mediefag C’. My job was to create a storyboard and perform all sort of post-processing ranging from video editing to color correction and VFX. I also played two roles in the movie itself. ‘Delusion’ was declared the best film in the class by the Mediefag C teacher.

Silent Film: The Date

This movie is a collaboration between me and 3 otherclassmates in Mediefag C. I stood for video editing (using Blender VSE) and also played a role in the movie myself. Credits for the music and grain overlay can be found in the video’s description.

Stop Motion: Herman and the Little Cloud

A school project combining math with physics. The stop motion movie was made in two weeks and won the ‘Best Stop Motion Film‘ award at HTX Sukkertoppens film festival. Credits for music and other third party assets can be found in the video description on Youtube. The film was edited using Pinnacle Studio 12.

Preview of Kizune’s UI for Cowon J3

This film was created for the UI designer ‘Kizune’ using Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus. It’s sole purpose was to promote Kizune’s new UI ‘Cheetah‘ for the Cowon J3, a portable media player.