Movie Poster

This poster was created as part of my exam portfolio for Animation and Graphics Design. The movie “Worms” which this poster intends to promote was a larger collaborative animation project. The poster was created to demonstrate my ability to apply theoretical principlse of graphic design in practice.
GIMP and Scribus was utilised to create and design the poster.

Event: The Arnolds


The Arnolds is a yearly filmfestival at HTX sukkertoppen which I was a pupil at from 2010 to 2013. The festival consisted mainly of a show with hosts presenting this year’s nominated movies which afterwards were shown. In the end of each category a winner would be chosen among the nominated. My role was to manage the event’s economy and manage the interaction between hosts and the necessary IT equipment required to show the nominated movies. Internal documents which I created for the event can be downloaded below.

Tower Guard


This is a replication of tiny statue I drew using pencils. The statue resembles a British tower guard and was drawn over two days.